Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old with the world-renowned Thibaut Technique®.
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Children who speak a second language get higher scores on standardized tests.

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FLIP4Kids’ child-centered method teaches each of our students that he or she is special.

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The difference is in the method.

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“François Thibaut shows tots can learn foreign languages even before they can speak.”

–PEOPLE Magazine

“6 Baby Classes Worth the Money: The Language Workshop for Children.”

–Parents Magazine

"In Manhattan's Upper East Side, well-to-do parents line up around the block to enroll their infants and toddlers in François Thibaut's language classes."

–The Wall Street Journal

"Very subtle details in teaching methods make all the difference between the child who retains what he has learned for life, and the child who forgets it all in a few weeks."
–François Thibaut
Founder, The Language Workshop
Creator, The Thibaut Technique®