Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.

Why give the gift of a second language?

Learning a second language can greatly increase your child’s academic success, open doors to career opportunities, and enhance cross-cultural relationships.

Research shows that second language learning provides cognitive benefits, supports academic achievement, and increases positive attitudes towards other cultures.

Foreign Language Learning:

1. Enhances Cognitive Development

Children who learn a second language
  • show cognitive advantages over children who do not
  • develop increased critical thinking skills and problem solving ability
  • are more creative and flexible thinkers

2.  Increased Academic Achievement

Second Language Learners
  • outperformed their counterparts in both verbal and math sections of standardized tests
  • do better in English reading skills
  • score higher on the SAT and ACT
  •  do better in college than monolingual students
  • perform better in math, especially in problem solving tasks

3. Creates Positive Attitudes Toward Other Cultures

Multilingual students
  • have more positive attitudes toward their target language and culture
  • are more culturally competent
  • have increased career opportunities

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