Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.


At FLIP4Kids, we believe in and have seen first-hand the many benefits of knowing a second language. We also believe that language learning should be engaging and fun.  Our goal is to provide an interactive and safe environment that provides children with the opportunity to hear, use, and be immersed in the target language. We use a combination of language learning approaches and methods that optimize the window of opportunity children have for acquiring a second language.  

FLIP4Kids classes and camps are fast-paced, exciting, and interactive. ??We provide multi-sensory experiences through music, movement, arts and crafts, cooking, games, and outdoor activities supported by visual aids, gestures, and props from the environment. During our classes, native-fluent teachers make input of the target language comprehensible by using controlled vocabulary, clear enunciation, controlled sentence length and complexity, repetition and rephrasing, and clear body language to increase understanding.  Our teachers are skilled at moving along a continuum, increasing and decreasing demands and complexity, to help students develop a full range of language competency.

We recognize that children enter our program at different levels of language proficiency from non-speakers to native speakers.  We strive to provide natural opportunities for output of the target language at each student’s level.  Children are encouraged to speak as our skilled teachers model and help shape their responses.  Some children move from listeners to yes/no responses and some move from phrases to answering in full sentences to open ended questions.  Our camps and classes provide multiple opportunities for children to use the target language helping them to move from listening to eventually speaking.

Finally, we believe that language learning is personal and we are here to support children and encourage them to love the process of learning a new language.  Some children leave our camps with improved language output and some children leave our camps with an improved outlook and perspective on language learning. Our camps provide an environment where children can interact with other children who are also there to learn a second language.  For some children, it is their first experience in a foreign language setting and for others it’s an opportunity to review, practice, and increase their language proficiency.  At FLIP4Kids we provide the unique opportunity for children of all levels to be in an immersion setting that fosters second language learning along with creativity, movement, and fun!