Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.

Flip4Kids Presents Disney’s Coco in Spanish


On Saturday February 10th.  Please join us at The Varsity on Franklin Street in Chapel Hill to view Coco in Spanish.


Families all over the world learn English by watching movies and listening to English music. Families in America should learn different languages in the same way! Movies are an authentic tool families can use to learn or maintain a second language.  Watching familiar movies in the target language will expose children to native-speaker languages.  

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to watch this beautiful movie in Spanish.  It is not showing at any other theaters in our area in Spanish!  Flip4Kids is sponsoring this wonderful opportunity for Flip families to promote language learning and family bonding at the same time.  

Remember to bring your spreadsheets, calendars, or whatever tools you use to manage your family’s summer camp schedule.  Our camps are only offered for 6 weeks.  So, bring your children and their friends (because camp is so much fun with a friend!) to enjoy the movie while you have some peace and quiet to plan out your summer camp plans.

Please email [email protected] or head over to our Facebook.com/flip4kids page to get directions and answers to all of your questions.





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