Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.


A few years ago, there were not many opportunities in the Triangle for small children to be immersed in a second language.  Although there were language programs that taught the grammar and syntax of the language, there were no immersion programs that focused on the interactive, fun, and humanistic side to learning a new language.

FLIP4Kids came about as a result of this gap in programming for our area.  We seek to provide fun opportunities for children to be exposed to a new language.  Whether it is to supplement a current dual language or academic program, provide fun extra-curricular activities in the target language for bilingual families, or to serve as an opportunity for children to be immersed in a culturally diverse and structured language learning environment, FLIP4Kids summer camps and classes is able to meet those needs.  We provide camps and classes that are flexible, affordable, and fun for all!