Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.

About Us

Learn a new language actively.


Learning a second language has many great benefits. It opens doors to other cultures, greater career opportunities, and makes people more competitive in our growing global community. However, it takes time and hard-work. Fortunately, children are universal listeners who have the perfect window of opportunity to easily and naturally learn a second language – and they have time!  At Flip4Kids, we believe that an interactive, fun and active environment maximizes children’s abilities to absorb and learn a new language.  That’s why we provide kids with fun and natural language immersion opportunities through enriched play, movement, and music.


Our teachers are native or native-like speakers who have a wide range of experiences teaching a second language. We focus on giving children natural opportunities to listen, repeat, and speak in the target language.Teachers guide children through hands-on activities that include singing, dancing, playing games, and arts and crafts.  At Flip4Kids, we strive to make personal connections with kids, provide experiences that allow children to “play” in the language, and to make sure they are happy in learning the new language.