Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.

Virtual Summer Camps 2020

Flip4Kids believes that learning a second language is a gift to children that they will use for the rest of their lives. Our program is developed based on the belief that language learning should be:

  1. Fun and Engaging
  2. Interactive and Meaningful
  3. Safe and Supportive
  4. 100% Immersive

We work hard to incorporate these beliefs into our camps each and every summer. We create a sense of community around the common goal of learning the target language.

Making Language Learning FUN – Virtually!

Although we will miss the closeness of our traditional camps, we are committed to delivering a language immersion summer camp that remains true to our core values and beliefs. Our focus, as always, will be providing a fun and interactive summer learning lab with the added benefit of exposure to a second language.

Whether your child has never been exposed to the language or whether they need opportunities to practice their language skills, our virtual camps will feature quality Flip4Kids instruction as well as teachers and counselors your children have come to know and love. We have created a curriculum that mirrors that of our traditional summer camp.

Our goal is to provide maximum exposure to the language, through a combination of live and interactive teacher-led activities, opportunities for interaction with peers, and structured supplemental materials to promote independent exposure to the target language.


Virtual Camp Schedule

Spanish offered all weeks; French and Chinese week 3 only.

  • Week 1: July 6-July 10
  • Week 2: July 13-July 17
  • Week 3: July 20-July 24
  • Week 4: July 27-July 31

Optional weeks based on demand: 
June 29-July 3 and August 3-August 7

Weekly sessions begin July 6 and go until July 31. Drop-in sessions available based on availability.

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Full week Camp Components – $250 a week

5 Times per Week

Recorded Lessons (45 min)

Asynchronous lessons created by teachers and counselors that lead students through experiments related to the week’s theme. 

2 Times per Week

Live Teacher-Led Activity Time (75 min)

Arts and crafts, cooking, dancing, or singing activity related to the weekly theme. Materials will be included in the subscription box for the week.

5 Times per Week

Live Teacher-Led Circle Time (50 min)

Just like our camp circle times, teachers will greet students and use songs and familiar activities to preview the day’s activities. 

5 Times per Week

Private Check in (15-20 min)

Daily one-on-one check-ins with a camp counselor or teacher.

3 Times per Week

Small Group Games

Games led by counselors and teachers to encourage participation, speaking, and listening in the target language.

Independent Activities

Students will be given independent activities related to the week’s theme that will encourage language exploration and targeted language learning.


Includes a subscription box with main materials for the week. Box available for curbside pickup or delivery


Sample Weekly Schedule

Hours are approximate: 2 hrs a day of LIVE lessons, 1 hr a day of recorded lessons, and 1 hr a day of optional independent activities.

sample weekly schedule


Weekly Sessions

Learn with Me Spanish: 6 months to 3 years. (45 minutes) 8 sessions – $145

In the Learn with Me classes, we focus on exposing children to the beautiful tonal language from a native fluent speaker. Virtual classes include singing, movement, games, arts and crafts in a fun and interactive setting that encourages exploration and is crucial for children at this age!


Spanish4Kids: 4 years to 7 years. (45 minutes) 8 sessions – $145

Classes include singing, movement, games, arts and crafts in a family friendly virtual environment! These fun activities, led by energetic and talented teachers, provide a natural and safe environment for children to listen, learn and take the risk of speaking in a new language.


Spanish4Kids: Summer’s Promise. (1 hour) 8 sessions – $175

Designed for children with previous experience in Spanish. Classes include singing, movement, games, arts and crafts, and cooking in a more structured environment where children promise to speak ONLY in Spanish. Instructors will focus on speaking and facilitating conversations among participants.


Spanish4Teens: DIY Edition. (3 times a week for 75 min) – $120 per week

Sign up for weekly DIY sessions in cooking, painting and building. Students will work virtually with a teacher to complete a DIY project. Materials not included.


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