Teaching Spanish, French, and Chinese to kids starting at 6 months old.

Green Monster Shake

You can’t even taste the spinach. Google Green Monster Shake and at least a dozen (or more) recipes show up.  Each recipe blends a creative mix of ingredients that is intended to hide the spinach, kale, and other greens that are the namesakes of this shake.  One blog even called it the Green Monster Movement.  The Sneaky Chef series has also made it to best-seller lists by creating recipes that sneak healthy foods into kids’ recipes.  Even Jessica Seinfeld has a book that teaches moms and dads how to use blue, orange, purple purees to add nutritious ingredients into brownies, cakes, spaghetti, and other foods that children love!

Why do so many parents go through so much trouble? For some of us, this sometimes irrational journey to find and do the best for our children starts the moment they enter our lives.

 Books upon books, articles upon articles, and hours upon hours spent researching, reading, and pondering how to give our children the best.  But, really what is the “best”?  Most parents will agree that it all boils down to making their children happy.  Giving them the best means helping them to live a happy life.  So, we play music to our babies in the womb, we give them baby massages once they are born, and we feed them green monsters before we send them off to school.  All in hopes that one day they will lead a happy life.

At the Language Workshop for Children at Flip4Kids, we do just that.  We work to provide an environment that will make your children happy.  

And children learn the words that make them happy – in whatever language they hear – without even knowing it!  Call us sneaky if you will.  But, we call it fun.  So come in and try Flip4Kids’ version of a  Green Monster Shake and give your children chance to do what they do best – hear, understand, and then speak a new language.  Look for upcoming play dates and come play with us in Spanish or Chinese!

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